[HCI] FluidTrack : Health Tracking for Pediatric Patients and Parents

Pediatric patients who have the daytime urinary frequency syndrome (DUFS) feel frequent urinary senstations during daytime such as from 15 to 20 times a day. Conventionally, the clinicians initially suggest their parents to formulate good habits for the patients in terms of fluid intake and defecation during about 2 months in their home. Interestingly, it has been demonstrated that drinking enough water everyday and (if exists) managing constipation relieve frequent urinary sensations of the patients. Although the habit formulation is beneficial for the treatment of the pediatric patients with the DUFS, it is difficult to keep the motivation for the habit formulation and to track the progress during 2-month in-home management.

Accordingly, FluidTrack aims to develop a novel tracking system for pediatric patients who have the DUFS. We develop MOA-band which is a child-friendly watch for logging timestamps of water intake, urination, and excrement. MOA-band has three physical buttons which correspond to each behavior to be logged. Further, we develop MOA-garden which is a tablet PC-based application for displaying logged data from MOA-band and motivating the pediatric patients and their parents to continue the tracking. We carefully design several components inside the user scenario with MOA-band and MOA-garden in the way 1) to motivate the pediatric patients to drink the daily recommended amount of water, 2) to maintain both the pediatric patients and their parents to continue the tracking, and 3) to enhance the bonds between the pediatric patients and their parents.